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Back in the mid 1960s, William H. Evilsizer Jr grew up in a small Eastern Indiana town playing sports like any other small town child.  He enjoyed mowing yards, playing ball with his friends and going to church while listening to his mother, Evelyn J. Evilsizer and sister, Marjorie L. Green play the piano and organ at their local Nazarene church.


Growing up with gospel music started at a young age for William and as time went on, he was blessed to have the likes of The Gaithers, Imperials, Cathedral Quartet, Henry and Hazel Slaughter, and Doug Oldham as he learned to listen to their lyrics and music through their joyous harmonies.


William was learning music when he was 9 years old singing his part in a Cantata his mother directed for years in their local area.  Later he was blessed to learn to play the trumpet and 4 other band instruments, playing in his high school band later in life. This is where he learned four part harmony to help him develop a keen ear for it.


William was blessed to sing in several different gospel groups as his talents expanded on knowing how to sing and read music by singing any part in a quartet..  His knowledge of music along with his degree in Marketing helped to establish his expertise by booking groups whom he sang with.


As the turn of the new century changed, so did the knowledge of bookings groups all over the country.  Thus, in 2021, the Covenant Connection was developed where William not only books gospel groups, his agency hosts concerts too.


His personal experience of having Jesus Christ as his personal Savior allowed him to follow his Lord and Savior's will by serving gospel artists from all walks of life throughout the United States.


William's hope and prayers are to share the gospel of Jesus Christ through song and testimony by ministering with Southern Gospel, Country Gospel, Bluegrass Gospel. and Inspirational and Traditional styles of groups. 


We pray that others will come to know Jesus Christ in a way not for awards, popularity and ratings but for a Singing Experience Empowered by the Holy Spirit!!

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